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IT Support Professional

IT Support Professional


Part 1 (Beginner Level)

  • Fundamentals: Binary system, installation of operating system, the internet and creating applications.
  • Computer Networking: the 5-layer model, TCP/IP communication, network troubleshooting, DNS and DHCP.
  • Operating Systems: Windows and Linux file systems, user access and installation/uninstall of software on Windows and Linux, disk partitions and file systems, system logs and remote connection tools, troubleshooting.

Part 2 (Advanced Level)

  • Cloud Fundamentals: cloud types, cloud services and security, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365.
  • System Administration: choosing hardware, vendors and services. Infrastructure servers, Active Directory and OpenLDAP, data backup.
  • Automatic Infrastructure Management: Ruby language, basic automation scripts, Git, Chef configuration management software, monitoring of technology systems.
  • IT Security: various encryption algorithms, authentication systems, authorization.

Participants can choose to complete Part 1 only and not Part 2. Participants can also choose to complete Part 2 only. Separate Certificate for both parts.

Duration: 32 hours for each part (total 64 hours for 2 parts).

Qualification: Engineering degree is preferred but not required.

Fee: TBA.

Date: TBA.

Timings: TBA.



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